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Beautiful yea baby !

What amazing performance in mtv award your amazing beyonce and miniaj like actor austin power says ” YEA BABY!”

expendables album

2014 new year

2014 new year

Happy new year 2014 everyone


on the tonight show

My second favorite blond when i was growing up

audreyhepburn-myqueen asked: Im still in complete shock and denial about his death. I have such a headache from crying. Im going to miss him so so so much..


You and me both…

I know me i am watching fast furious my first favorite actor fast and furious i am hearthbrokine to just think he maby gone spirit still leave in on

Anonymous asked: I can't express the way I feel right now... I grew up watching his movies. We lost an angel.


That we did.

Same here start like car costumes car and fast gta style when watching paul walker start fast furious now watching 2fast2furouis aww my god remember part boat car give me got me scared